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If you are a first time purchaser, an MTA agreement must be filed out and filed with the CF Foundation. Please note, the first paragraph of the form requires the purchasing institution’s name and mailing address. The form must be signed by the PI ordering the antibodies as well as an Authorized signature for the purchasing institution.

The antibodies are supplied as ascites fluid. Some countries require special authorizations to import ascites fluid. Please check with your local customs department and complete any additional paperwork required to import the antibodies. Failure to do so will result in customs delays! It is the purchaser’s responsibility to be sure that all customs paperwork is in place before orders can be shipped.

If the purchasing institution already has an MTA in place, a new investigator may be added by filling out the institutional information and submitting the “Exhibit A” portion of the form only. Please check with Tim to see if there is already an MTA on file for your institution before doing this.

To download the forms, just click on the buttons below and select “save file”. Once the forms have been filed out, they can be submitted electronically to Tim Jensen at UNC. Please note. It is no longer necessary to submit the forms to the CF Foundation.

Method of payment must be via purchase order. Credit cards are not accepted.

Please note that minimal edits if any, will be accepted by UNC and CFF to this MTA agreement. Any edits or changes to the MTA template will increase the processing time significantly.

Note to Google Chrome users: Chrome may not download or open these files. Please use Edge or Firefox.